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HUH?! :faint:

I knooow; it's been awhile. o_O I suppose another journal entry would serve far better to explain why (AGHHWHARGARRBL), but suffice it to say, I shall be open for commissions again henceforth!

*(If you noted me about one awhile back, I apologize that I am just recently pulling myself together, but I just want you to know I appreciate you all.<3 And if you are still interested, I'm happy to help! ;))*

So! I have no way to do this concisely, sigh, so please excuse my word-spewage.


What can you commission? I'm focusing this around portraits* right now, which I will do for $40 US (e.g. in the style of the portrait pack, pretty much all the portraits/commissions I have posted. I'm guessing if you're here you are already familiar with that! xD). Also we could probably arrange a bulk discount if you want more than one?! I haven't decided what yet, but some kind of package deal; lemme know if you are interested and we can work that out. ^^

*If you are interested in something other than a portrait, however, let me know! I don't have any official pricing for anything else at the moment but if there is interest I can try to figure it out.

I should be able to get through them pretty quickly; my estimation at the moment is <1 week. You can reply here or send me a note or email ( ^^


Why now? WELL. The short story is I have become responsible for two wee babes (and omg do children cost a lot O.O like so very much a lot), so all your proceeds will be going to ensure my nieces are fed/clothed/housed! :thanks: :heart:
Oh, wait. Why do you want a commission?! Hm. So your original protagonist can smash through enemies (and/or chat up NPCs) in your favorite isometric games looking how you imagine them (instead of the closest approximation)! So ALL WILL LOOK UPON THEIR FACE AND DESPAIR (and/or 'swoon,' depending on how you're playing)!


How does all this work, you ask? After acquiring the character details, I will go reference-hunting and then start a 'color sketch': basically an outline of the face+shoulders blocked in with the color blends I've selected. It's your opportunity to make sure everything is on-track and correct anything off-course, and once you send me the payment (US$ through Paypal) I will send a finished version back, and if there's any details that need fixing I can take care of that then.
(If there end up being a crazy amount of revisions/changes that veer from the original agreement I WILL NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS *ahem* I mean of course whatever you want but I may have to charge extra if it gets ridiculous. O_o)

BONUS~ until further notice~ anyone commissioning a portrait who is interested: I'm thinking of posting another portrait pack at maybe $2-$5 or something depending on what people would pay/how many portraits there are (feedback there is welcome if you guys have any input??), and anyone who would like to donate their commissioned piece for use in the pack will receive the other portraits in the package for free when it is released! ;3


What does your character look like--ooh, who would play them in a movie? What is their quest? Their favorite color? Their favored method of kobold extermination? WHAT IS THE AIR-SPEED VELOCITY OF AN UNLADEN SWALLOW??! Wait, no, we can probably simplify this somehow.

**Link to lists of references/more info** <--I have collected so many images on Pinterest *and organized them* JUST FOR THIS PURPOSE x)

(If you only have a vague description or aren't picky about some of these details, that's cool, too; I will do my best to help fill in the blanks! This is mostly because the time for you to be picky is right at the start, not halfway-through. ;D)

If you have no visual references nor a wish to look for any, then I will take the liberty of traversing my folders and gathering images I think match with your character (faces/expressions, armor/clothing, etc). But I do need a written description of some kind! I'm guessing you probably know the drill, but *colors* are very very important, since they influence all of my first steps a lot and are actually difficult to reconfigure once I have my palette balanced.


-Hair color
-Skin color
-Eye color
-Clothing/armor colors
-Background color (if you have a preference: brightness/darkness can help set the atmosphere to reflect the personality/mood, otherwise I will choose something complementary to balance the other colors)


-character class and/or what style of clothing or type of armor would they wear
-gender, age, race/ethnicity, distinguishing features?
-hair style/hair length/facial hair
-scars, accessories, jewelry, etc*


I'd also like to know WHO your character is. You can describe their attitude/demeanor or give me stats/a character sheet for example, or *at the least* just let me know what sort of expression/mood they should have. This will help me in finding facial references, too. Your character is more than a collection of physical details; I want to peer INTO THEIR SOUL. Eek - A Revamp 

*If your character requires a lot of complicated accessories or details above the norm then I reserve the right to adjust the price accordingly depending on the time/difficulty!


I think that sounds like a lot more information than it really is, haha. ^^; Hope you are still hanging in there! I just really like to get a feel for the character before I start so I know that I'm drawing them instead of simply someone that resembles them so they can be as accurate and 'alive' as possible, if that makes sense! ;)

Thank you for reading, and please keep me in mind for any of your portrait-related needs! :TipOfTheHat:
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freelance illustrator... I mostly do sketches/concept drawings/storyboards for retail... if I'm not working, I'm writing, and if I'm not writing, I'm painting. Or, occasionally, sleeping. A love for fantasy and RPGs has led me to almost exclusively painting character art/portraits for fun *cough* "practice." :roll:

Open for doing portraits! ;)

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pyromaniacpenguins Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Love your work!  Stumbled upon your artwork after hitting up Google for a portrait for my Red Wizard's character sheet.  Amazing work! You are extremely talented.  :D
artastrophe Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you very much!! (I do seem to have a surplus of Red Wizards, hehe. ;))
TariToons Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2015  Student General Artist
Heya, just wanted to hear if you are still alive and kickin', you haven't been in my notifications in a while ;)
Any thoughts on Siege of Dragonspear yet?
artastrophe Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
aw thanks for checking in! :hug: I've been alive but not kicking so much lately, though I think things are straightening out to the point I should be able to post some paintings soon! ;)

(I've been working on writing more than art lately; just started posting my BG2 fic!! :O)

and I couldn't tell too much from the trailer, so I don't really know what to think! it's cool that there is more BG stuff and that the EE's have renewed an interest in BG so I am quite happy for that, though Idk that this is the best team to be doing it, but hey, at least someone is. xD what are your thoughts?? ^^
TariToons Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2015  Student General Artist
Alright, good to see you are still around xD
I watched the announcement lifestream for Dragonspear, that was awesome!

So far it's looking really promising, they even got a bunch of the original voice actors to reprise their roles and stuff.
I am super pumped, but then again, they would have to really screw this up in order to disappoint me xD
The best part though is, that the contract with Atari is over, which means that they now have a lot more creative freedom than before (which was notably holding them back before).
So yeah, good vibes from my side!

Haha, also, some folks over at the forums already voiced that they are still going to use Paint BG, so I guess you gonna have to do the portraits for the new characters soon ;)
Speaking of portraits, it also seems that a lot of the old companions are getting new portraits in general, but there are only tiny thumbnails of them available so far (you can see them in the screenshots and trailer on the homepage, if you are interested). So I guess there will be new reference material soon.
artastrophe Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
aw yeah! probably time for a PaintBG update, anyway. x) and ooooh new portraits?? that is really interesting, too. okay, so maybe your excitement is contagious; you've got me interested!! ;D (and hey, thank you for thinking of me with the art job--I don't actually meet enough of the qualifications, but I really appreciated it. :hug:)
Spydrouge Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2015  Professional Writer
Holy Monkey sauce.  NEW BG STUFF!? AEEEI! Here's to hoping for more companion dialog...!

I see Edwin hung around to go on haphazard adventures with you before disappearing Pre BG2 XD

Now the only question is, did Xzar.....!

OH GOD NOW I NEED THIS SO I CAN WRITE IT INTO MY OWN FANFICTION BLARG *flops* Good thing I'm writing so slow/detailed, eh!? XD
storander Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015
Just wanted to add I love the work you've done. I played through Baldurs Gate 2 and Throne of Bhaal last summer and your portraits immensely improved the experience imo. I love the art design and think they really capture the feel of the characters. Youre a true artist! I'm back now picking through to find the right portrait for my Pillars of Eternity character haha.
artastrophe Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
aw thank you so much; that is great to hear!! ^^ sounds like I need to play PoE, too, haha; hope you are having fun with it!
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